Thursday July 10, 2014
  • Spiritual Environment

    Mukono District embraces diverse riches in religious beliefs and sections.

  • Agriculture at glance

    Over 80% of Mukono is arable land suitable for both subsistance and commercial farming.

  • Ssezibwa River Falls

    Ssezibwa River Falls is sighted back 300 years. the venue is well attached to culture.

  • Industralisation

    Fabric making factory in Mukono employing many of the local residents both directly and indirectly.

  • Factories

    Fabric making factory in Mukono employing many of the local residents both directly and indirectly.

  • Source of the Nile

    The world's longest river, the Nile attracts so many tourists in the country.

  • Road Network

    Completed Road section that connects the people of Mukono to Buikwe through Najjembe S/County.


Invest Mukono Consortium act as a one stop centre for Investors and promotion of investments and Markets, free from government bureaucracy but under the supervision of the District Council; technically guided by the Chief Administrative Officer, the District Production and Marketing Officer and the District Commercial Officer.


Mukono still upholds the standards when it comes to the Education sector in Uganda. Several new schools have been established as well as the piioneering schools such as Namilyango and Namagunga, Naggalama sss, Seeta High School as well a prominent university Uganda Christian University (UCU).


As one of the fastest growing Districts in Uganda and with a rich cultural history and beautiful science, Mukono is now seeing the development of the District’s tourism sector with lots of existing and various potentials and attractive tourist sites.

Hospitality in Mukono

Accommodation is the major factor in travel and tourism. Hence, one should definitely consider the type of accommodation, Mukono has many accommodation facilities to stay in different types according to their services and prices and these range from range from budget accommodation to high class hotels.

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